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Managing content for a company can be like herding cats. Content is created in many different ways by many different people and departments, often without a cohesive plan.  Somehow, blogs have been written, Facebook pages have been updated, sales collateral has been created and product information has been uploaded websites. Unfortunately, content creators may not understand how their content fits into the overall corporate picture or even if others in the company are creating similar content. They may not understand the full value of their content or realize that it can be repurposed for other forms of communications. To maximize the value of our content production efforts, it’s important to understand what your company already has and find ways to leverage that content.

In informal conversations with my industry peers, it has become clear to me that there is no standard process to produce content. Every company, and even different divisions within the same company, have their own processes or lack thereof. Regardless of the size of a company, there is always a struggle to create the required content.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the task of coordinating and aligning content creation. No matter the size of a company or management commitment, we can always start with a baby step. No, we can’t change the organizational structure. We likely can’t stop any content creation in process. We may not know who is creating what. However, depending on our roles, we can always do little things to help others.  This is an abbreviated list of ideas to start the process:

  • Start by reaching out to others who are doing a similar job and understand what they are creating.
  • Pull several content creators together on a bi-weekly basis just to informally talk about what content has been created.
  • Compare notes on messaging and story framework with other content creators.
  • Find out business and marketing objectives and determine if the content we create ties to corporate objectives.

What are some little steps you can take to connect more dots within your organization?

If anyone is making an effort to connect the dots, a ‘grass roots’ campaign can gain momentum and drive the creation of more useful content. Sometimes the best way to start a movement is bottom-up.

Through several people working together, a process can start to form. As more people join, an informal process gradually becomes more formal. If we put in a little extra effort, we have the power to at least get all the cats moving in the same direction.


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Pam Didner

Posted on

April 28, 2014

B2B and Demand Generation
  • cdn

    Many content management efforts start with enthusiasm but are rapidly abandoned. Grass roots may be a good start, but in my experience both a little discipline and a supporting technology facilitating content management are needed to achieve something.

    • CDN: you are totally right. Grass roots can take us to a certain level. In order to “manage” content effectively, a process and a set of tools are certainly necessary. Thank you for your comments.

  • I particularly like your second bullet. If you find the people that are passionate about the opportunity for content, a lot can be accomplished.

    One I would specifically call out is start by sharing what you are working on and offering to support others. If you show you want to share and contribute first, your request for information back will be seen more favorably.

    Great stuff Pam, keep it coming!

    • Eric: thank you. I owe you lunch. It’s time to get together. 🙂

  • Having a cross-company editorial committee, even as an informal best practices sharing group, is a great first step to creating a more consistent, integrated content approach. Great post!