Help sales and marketing teams increase productivity by using structured methodologies to integrate content, sales enablement, and account-based marketing. Service offering one-pager.


Provide speaking sessions and workshops on integration of sales and marketing, content marketing, tech’s impact on marketing. 


Provide strategic planning to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sales and marketing through ABM, content marketing and marketing outreach.


Establish effective systems for tightening the organization and increasing productivity for sales and marketing teams.


Enable your teams, with a focus on integrated efforts and using relevant tools and key metrics, to set up a collaboration process and grow your business.



We not only listen to you but also listen to data. We validate our assumptions and gather relevant information via social listening, survey, interviews, and research. Planning begins with listening.


Planning is a process of prioritization! It’s about working with your internal team members to prioritize and align on objectives, goal, and budget. Your planning only becomes a plan when you put in writing. We have a methodology and templates to take you from planning to a plan!


This is an exciting and frustrating part!  It’s about taking your plan to the next level, but it’s not yet at the execution stage. It’s about figuring who is working on what. We can help you to create an internal process and get ready to bring your plan to live. 


Without execution, your plan is useless. Execution is all about making small progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. As part of your team, we will take initiatives to monitor and track the progress for you. We help you build your metrics and dashboard templates.


“However beautiful the strategy, you should look at the results.” We work with you to tie the results of your executions with your business goals and objectives. At the end of the day, all your preparation and execution needs to lead to quantifiable results.


It’s about understanding what went well and what didn’t.  Repeat the secret ingredients of the success and pinpoint the areas that need to be refined.  Let’s capture that learning as part our listening. Action. Action, Action.

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