I smiled when I saw this half-can concept from Coke Singapore.  A small portion concept is nothing new.  If you go to a lot of restaurants in the US, you can see choices of “Small Plates” or “Half Portion” on menus.  What’s so special is how they differentiate and position: half of the can, double the joy.  Share your happiness.

As a global marketing manager, I wonder whether this product design can scale to other regions.  I definitely think there is potential to scale to other countries in Asia-Pacific but I am not sure if this will fly in the US, where carbonated beverages are consumed in mass quantities.

Here is a fact: some of us (Asians?) feel guilty drinking carbonated beverages, but we have a craving for it.  This half can concept gives us an opportunity to satisfy that craving,  share it with a friend and feel a little less guilty. It’s a win-win!

In which countries or regions do you think this half-can concept might do well?

One not so widely known tip: in addition to “Tall” (12 oz drink), Starbucks also offers “Short”, (8 oz) in hot drinks only.  However, they do not promote it publicly.  See drink size options on Starbuck’s site.

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Pam Didner

Posted on

October 7, 2013

Global Marketing Blog, Localization, Marketing Optimization