October 15, 2013 was a special day for me.  I relaunched my website,, using a WordPress template, Anchor, from Templatic.  The magazine style theme made several aesthetic improvements, including the ability to showcase my most recent blog posts.

Here is some of “what’s new” for the new site vs. the old site:

Old SiteNew Site
Home PageText Heavy with minimal imagesImages with short description
Blog PostsBuried on the page.Showcase 8 recent posts on home page
About PamToo many personal details with several sub pagesFocus only on professional experiences
Creative ProjectsPursuit RecipesRemove Pursuit Recipes

The old site centered on my journey of self-discovery, a passion to share women’s stories and ‘pursuit recipes’.  It was more about “Pam” and less about the audience.  Here is the disappointing reality: working full-time, I just did not have time to reach out to other women to get their stories.  In addition, I feel the intention of ‘Pursuit Recipes’ was good, but engagement was minimal, probably because it takes time and a lot of effort to write one.  I had been donating $5 to World Pulse for each Pursuit Recipe received so it was a very difficult decision to discontinue it.

“But it’s dangerous to fall in love with an idea that just isn’t working.”

Here is a comparison of the new site home page to the old site:

old site new site merge

Here are several considerations I focused on while building my new site:

  • Clearly articulate my communications objectives and call to action.  The objectives for my new site:
  1. Audience will immediately know who I am and what I can offer upon visiting my site.
  2. Encourage visitors to connect with me and sign-up for my blog.
  • Ensure content is attractive and adapted to tablet and smartphone screen sizes.
  • Choose compelling images with succinct statements.  Write and rewrite the copy.  Less is more!
  • Reach out to several web designers and ask their opinions on how to improve the site.  Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media and Mitch Daugherty from Morange Design have been instrumental in helping me simplify my pages.  Thank you, Andy and Mitch!
  • QA, QA and more QA of the site on desktop, tablet and phone.

Now the focus is on marketing content and insights from which others can benefit.  It focuses less on “Pam”, more on “Pam’s content.”

“This site is not only my virtual abode, but also delivers a first impression to people who have never met me.”

As I continue to evolve as a person and marketer, I want my website to grow with me.




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Pam Didner

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October 23, 2013

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