I heard a statement from a keynote speech the other day: “Change is given, so the question becomes ‘when’?” So, when is the right time to make a change? His response was that you need to make a change before change happens. I agree with that, but I would like to share three clues that you can look for to make the change before changes happen:

When your gut tells you it’s time: I am convinced when the time is ripe to make a move, you just know it! That voice won’t go away until you make that change.

When you feel that you are at the top: Like ebb and flow, ups and downs, what follows the peak is usually a downhill slide. No one can stay at the top forever, unless you continue to reinvent yourself.

When you start losing your passion: If you are no longer passionate about what you are doing or getting up in the morning is a drag, then it’s time to evaluate your career and life as a whole. Understand why you are losing your passion and make necessary adjustments.

You can’t know in advance the exact right time to make a change. We are all making bets. We win some, we lose some. Nobody can tell you how to do it, either. The trick is to look for clues that signify a need to intentionally make a change before becoming a victim of an unforeseen change.

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Pam Didner

Posted on

February 23, 2013

Personal Journal