I had the pleasure of doing a webcast with Heidi Lorenzen, CMO of Cloudwords a couple of weeks ago as part of the Content Marketing Institute Webinar Series using the On24 Webcast Platform.

Clare McDermott from Chief Content Office Magazine moderated the session by asking us six questions regarding the challenges of globalizing content worldwide.

You can listen to the whole webcast by clicking the following link:

Here is one of the questions and my response:
Q: What is your point of view on whether your global content strategy should be centralized or decentralized?

A: This depends on products, organization structure, budget allocation, corp. culture and senior sales and marketing managers’ preference.

Products: Some products are highly localized.  The menus from McDonald’s are different between the US and India so content strategy may need to be decentralized.  At Intel, we sell processors.  Processors are processors.  In this type of scenario centralization may work better.

Organizational Structure: Headcount allocation between Headquarters and the Geographies plays a role.  Some companies’ Headquarters are lean and mean so they choose to allocate more heads on the ground.  Decentralization may make sense for that organizational structure.

Budget: How the budget is allocated can also determine decentralization vs. centralization.

Corporate Culture: Some corporate cultures offer more creative autonomy to geographies, as long as they meet P & L goals.  Some cultures prefer tighter control from HQ.

More importantly, the company is run by people.  In some companies, the VP of Sales and Marketing or the CMO can single handedly determine how the content strategy should be managed, regardless of products, organizational structure, budget or corporate culture.  Politics also plays a role in centralization vs. decentralization.

Feel free to listen to the rest of the webcast.  If you have any questions on globalization, don’t hesitant to contact me.

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Pam Didner

Posted on

November 27, 2013

Content Marketing, Global Marketing Blog, Localization