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When creating content we do it with our audience in mind; As a matter of fact, any content that aims to be good and valuable has to start with understanding the needs of our customers. That’s why Ann Smarty,  Sana Knightly and I decided to talk about customers, their content needs and how to understand them. We had a great one-hour discussion with the community members. It was fun and informative!

Here are some highlights, but make sure to check out the full recap on Viral Content Bee website. You’ll find great tips, insight and interesting questions.

After reading the full recap  you’ll still have some questions, after all good conversations keep on going. Feel free to check my blog or download the first chapter of my book for free: Global Content Marketing 

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To connect with this great community, follow the official hashtag – #VCBuzz on twitter, and join the party every Tuesday 12pm ET. See you there.


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Iva ignjatovic

Posted on

June 7, 2017