I read a lot of advice-from-experts blog posts and notice that most of them require scrolling down past a bunch of adds to see all the advice. I thought the following blog post has an interesting way of showcasing expert advice.

Marco Mijatovic at FirstSiteGuide.com reached out to me and other bloggers to share our best blogging tips.  I was more than happy to comply.  Marco compiled the responses (after herding 55 blogger-cats) into a post: 55 Marketing Experts Reveal 3 Best Blogging Tips. As a good content marketer, he followed up with all the bloggers and asked us to share it with our networks. I was more than happy to do that, but not before checking out the blog post.



The blog post was nicely done! They converted our photos into digitally re-imaged head-shots. A nice touch that gives the site a unique feel! The text is nicely spaced. Tips are categorized in #1, #2 and #3 for easy reading.

a user-friendly way to showcase expert advice

a user-friendly way to showcase expert advice

With 55 experts, it’s obviously a very long post and readers need to keep scrolling down. It seemed to take forever to get through all the scrolling down. I couldn’t help thinking about the movie, “Are We There Yet?” Which led me to think it might have been more effective to split this into two blog posts.


Two weeks later…

I received e-mail from Marco informing me that there had been some design changes to the post. They put the photo images of bloggers at the beginning of the blog post.

a user-friendly way to showcase expert advice

Hovering over an image reveals the name of the expert and clicking on it will take you directly to their tips. I like this change a lot.

a user-friendly way to showcase expert advice

a user-friendly way to showcase expert advice

I love the change. It eliminates much of the scrolling that users had to do previously to get through the article.

It’s easy to write a long blog post just for desktop format without worrying too much about design. With the rise of mobile devices and smaller form factor devices, design and UX will play a more important role in the future content marketing efforts. This is one great example of recognizing the needs of different form factors.

the user-friendly way to showcase expert advice
user-friendly way to showcase expert advice

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Pam Didner

Posted on

June 1, 2015