Key questions to ask yourselves:

  • Understand the unforgettable qualities you possess.
  • Let your unforgettable qualities shine among your loved ones.

Taj-Mahal-300x224Do you know the love story behind the breath-taking Taj Mahal?

14 year-old Shah Jahan, future emperor during the Mughal Empire’s period of greatest prosperity, saw 15 year-old Mumtaz Mahal at a Bazaar.  It was love at the first sight.  She became his third wife, five years after they first met.

Mumtaz Mahal was Shah Jahan’s favorite and accompanied him everywhere, even on military campaigns. In 1631, Mumtaz Mahal died giving birth to their 14th child.  While Mumtaz was on her deathbed, Shah Jahan promised her that he would never remarry and would build the richest mausoleum over her grave.  It is said that Shah Jahan was so heartbroken after her death that he ordered the court into mourning for two years. It took 22 years and the labor of 22,000 workers to construct the monument in memory of his beloved.

I asked my friends, Mark, Ryan and Jeffrey, what unforgettable qualities Mumtaz Mahal might have possessed to make Shah Jahan’s love for her last for all eternity?

Mark: “He felt she knew him more than any other.  Her existence defined his existence and, of course, without her his existence became less meaningful. Perhaps, the effort of building the Taj gave him further meaning.  Her personal qualities were most likely in the realm of intellect than beauty.”

Ryan: “The most rewarding and lasting relationships are always based on respect.  I am sure she was smart, loving, fearless, empathetic, supportive and finally, beautiful to Shah Jahan. She probably understood Shah Jahan’s shortcomings and worked hard to make sure he avoided them. She probably reminded him of some of his greatest accomplishments when he was failing and made sure he stayed grounded when he succeed. She was probably above all else a partner. A partner will support you when you need it and they always know exactly when that is.”

Jeffery: “Indomitable will, unwavering devotion, clever wit, deep inner beauty”

I think they are all correct.  To me, Mumtaz Mahal must have had an extremely high EQ.  She knew what made Shah Jahan tick and how to communicate with him.  Standing in front of the Taj Mahal, I was humming “unforgettable” by Nat King Cole.  I can’t help wondering how well I know what makes my husband tick and if I have any unfortgettable qualities that he will remember for all time…

Now, take exactly 3:33 to listen to “Unforgettable” by Nat and Natalie Cole, while writing down your unforgettable qualities.

Nate and Natalie Cole Unforgettable

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Pam Didner

Posted on

June 21, 2012

Global Marketing Blog