Previously, I wrote a short post about the muse that can be found within anyone. It’s up to us to find that muse, nurture it and hone it to unleash our creativity.

So, how do we really “nurture” our creativity?

According to, nurture means “to feed and protect”, “to support and encourage” and “to bring up; train; educate.” Based on that definition, here are three steps:

Be Selfish
The first step to nurturing creativity is to be selfish by making time for yourself. This “me” time is critical. “Me” time doesn’t need to be alone time, but it is critical to set aside time that you can spend without obligations and responsibilities to others. It’s a time for you to do or learn something you enjoy. Think of joy as a nutrient to feed your creativity.

Join a Group
Find a group with similar interests and passions. Share your challenges and get support from each other. Or perhaps take a class. Having a class or meeting time for which you need to prepare usually helps focus your efforts.
It’s also especially helpful to get your family to understand and support your efforts. Family members can be our harshest critics and their lack of support may start with the best of intentions. Be patient and continuously make an effort to share with them why this is important to you.

Learning, Listening, and Doing
Practice your art by doing, but remember to listen to your muse. What situations and ideas typically unleash your creativity? For me, something magical usually happens when I take my morning shower or while I’m in the middle of a yoga stretch. For a friend of mine, it’s talking to her mom on the phone. My husband writes songs while waiting in line at the cash register. For others, it can be meditation, running or even strolling in the woods. You need to find that “something” you do which gets you in touch with your muse.

Be a little selfish and make time for yourself. Do something you enjoy, even if it’s only for 15-30 minutes a week. Set your creativity free!

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Pam Didner

Posted on

April 4, 2013

Personal Journal