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Global Content Marketing: How to Create Great Content, Reach More Customers, and Build a Worldwide Marketing Strategy that Works


The week of September 8, 2014 was very special to me. My book, Global Content Marketing, was available at the Content Marketing World 2014 in Cleveland. After 9 months of hard labor, this baby (I truly feel it’s my third child) was finally born.

With a shoestring budget, I really didn’t do a paid-media push. I started promoting the book back in August on my own website and social media pages which led to a series of promotional activities during the week of September 8.

Three lessons learned from this launch:

  • Prepare more book reviews and guest blogs prior to launch: I wish I did more guest blogging and asked more peers and bloggers to do book reviews prior to the launch. I had one book review and one guest blog. I could have done more.


  • Take photos and more photos: I wish I took more photos at Content Marketing World. With 4 sessions and people reaching out to me frequently, I didn’t really think about taking photos to document the people, sessions, on-site experience related to the initial availability of my book.


  • Everything takes longer than expected: As a content marketer, I created book related content such as a one pager, e-book, video, presentation and an animation for my book. It takes time to create great content. I was still a little light on content, when was launched.

As much as I wish I could have done more, I am pretty pleased with the progress so far.

 I did the best I could and it was as good as it could be given the resources and time I had.

Here are a series of launch highlights done on a shoestring budget in the past ten days:


Pawan, CEO of Curata, read my unedited and final manuscript and wrote the first book review. Thank you, Pawan!


I kicked off a webinar, Engineering a Global Content Plan. This presentation was uploaded to Slideshare right after the Webinar. Slideshare immediately selected it as the featured presentation on their home site. More than 50 retweets and 2.9K views in less than 7 days.   A good sign prior to the book launch, indeed.

global content marketing author pam didner


Friday prior to the launch, I rushed to the post office and sent books to family, friends and marketers whose insights I referenced or who offered great feedback. Several of them received the books between 9/9-9/11 and were gracious enough to post a picture of the book on Twitter to add a little buzz.

pam didner author global content marketing

9/7 – 9/8:

Working relentlessly with my web programmer, Tahirih, to complete QA testing and last minute changes to the site. The site went live at 11:00 pm on 9/8. Check it out!!

global content marketing book

9/9 -9/11:

I arrived in Cleveland with a sense of excitement and trepidation. What if no one buys my book? It felt a little strange to see a book printed with my own name in the event’s bookstore. Curata, a company specializing in content curation, distributed signed copies of my book to anyone who attended their demo sessions. Check out Curata’s content curation tool.  Fun fact: it took one hour and 23 minutes to sign 120 books. I kid you not, I could take on the ice bucket challenge several times after signing all those copies.

I had a panel, joint presentation, last minute add-on session and participated in an industry lab workshop. The panel and workshop touched on global content marketing. The topics for the joint presentation and the last minute add-on session did not directly relate to the book. Yet, I seamlessly (aka shamelessly) plugged a slide about the book at every session.

Even though we are all active on social media, face-to-face is still the best way to connect with others. Since my book focuses on ‘global’, people from other countries were reaching out to talk to me about their challenges and to share their ideas. I met people from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, France and other countries. Cassio Politi from Brazil wrote a content marketing book in Portuguese and Joakim Ditlev gave me a signed copy of his content marketing book in Danish.  You should check out Joakim, he looks like Neil Patrick Harris who is one of my favorite actors!

These two books started my global content marketing book archive.

Request: If you have a copy of content marketing in different languages, send me a copy! I’d love to add to my collection. In exchange, I will send you a signed copy of my book.

On a side note: Hiro Tanaka attended the industry workshop and promised to send me Joe Pulizzi’s ‘Epic Content Marketing’ book in Japanese. Thank you, Hiro.

global content marketing world book launch

9/10: published my guest blog, the 4 P’s of Global Content Marketing, which is the cornerstone of my book. The 4 P’s is the framework I use to explain the step-by-step process of scaling your content across regions. also created a banner ad to help promote the book. Check out, a great site for marketing related posts and information.

global content marketing ebook


To wrap up the week, a great friend, Kerry McClenahan, CEO of McBru, a thriving BTB marketing agency in Portland, was gracious enough to coordinate and host a book signing party. More than 30 friends and peers fought the Friday afternoon traffic to come to my book signing party. My friends are awesome! Thank you very much.

global content marketing book signing party

This is a great start! Book promotion never ends. More work ahead. The saga continues. Check out and don’t forget to read my book!


launch of my book - global content marketing

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Pam Didner

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September 17, 2014

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  • kimgusta

    Congratulations, Pam! Your book is off to a wonderful start! Thanks for sharing the steps you used to promote it – very interesting.

    • Kim, thank you for your well wishes. I hope to see you again, soon.

  • Great achievement, Pam – I think you’ve done really well. Really nice meeting you and thanks for the mention – but I realize now that we soooo much forgot to take an author-selfie…

    • I KNOW!! We will take our selfie, when we meet again in the future. I am sure that we will MEET again.