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I had the pleasure of speaking about ‘Integrating Content with Social Media’ at the Digital Content Strategies Conference in San Diego on March 14th. You can view the presentation here. I would love to hear your comments!

Let’s quickly define what “content” means for the sake of my presentation:

“Content: external-facing marketing materials such as TV commercials, webinars, white papers, product collaterals, event flyers, photo stocks, blot articles etc.”

Historically, it was the marketing department’s job (MKT) to create content for TV, radio, and email to be distributed by media companies.

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Now, social media makes content creation and content distribution complicated.

1. Social media integrates with traditional channel as well as being its own distribution channel.

2. Social media is “ON” 24/7. As a brand, we need to maintain a certain level of engagement with our audience. That means we have to be “ON” by creating new and engaging content on a regular basis.

With the rise of social media, the role of content has been expanded to include original content and curated content. Original content is no longer MKT’s job. It’s everyone’s job within a company. You need to look for original content within MKT and outside MKT.

In addition, there is a lot of quality content out there. Your audience will usually appreciate well-written third party content, so let’s use it.

Here’s the trick of integrating content with social media:

– Think Big
– Distribute Small

Think Big:
Originally, I wanted to use an Intel case study to illustrate the concept of “Think Big and Distribute Small”, but Intel’s process is enterprise-driven. I would like to use Devin Super Tramp as an example. He told a story by creating the “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever” this year. He also captures everything in the story-telling process and cleverly uses raw footage to create adjacent content pieces. That’s how you should think about content for social media: create content within content.

Note: It’s important not to create content for the sake of creating. Create with a sense of purpose.

– Align with your story or messaging
– Keep it relevant to your products
– Entertain your target audience

Distribute Small:
Distribute small means breaking content down into different posts. Through “capturing everything,” Devin created additional videos such as behind the scenes, Q & A and individual jump videos. 6 pieces of content can easily break down to 20 posts. Devin links back to the same content through teasers, status updates, follow-ups and Q & A (see example below) to get extra miles for his content.

Capture Everything

Think Big! Distribute Small! Maximize your content through multiple, creative exposures to continue driving buzz and engagement!

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Pam Didner

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March 15, 2013

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