I read this poster with a smile.  It makes me ponder how two different cultures constantly influence the way I pursue happiness.

From my Eastern upbringing, I was literally taught to remove “I”, my ego and my desire.  They are things of evil from the spiritual sense.  Pursue happiness through meditation and finding my own inner peace.

From my Western living, I was educated to embrace “I”, my ego and my desire.  “I” take the responsibility of my own destiny.  If “I” “WANT” Happiness, “I” need to “actively” pursue it.  “I” need to make things happen.

Like a river flowing, these two cultures constantly diverge, converge and create raging tides in me.

It took me a while to realize both cultures have their place. 

Through my experiences I’ve learned to know when to remove or embrace “I”. You may have heard slow is fast and fast is slow.

At a certain point, removing “I” is embracing “I”.        

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Pam Didner

Posted on

September 8, 2012

Personal Journal