The challenge for many companies is to make unique, memorable ads that stand out from the rest. This appliance commercial from Sears definitely caught my attention.

The ad begins disguised as a movie trailer, drawing its audience in with its romantic storyline. The ad then ends abruptly, running its main characters into Sears refrigerators. This whole concept is unique, highly creative, and most importantly— memorable!

Many companies, such as Kay Jewelers or Folgers Coffee, repeat the same creative concept year after year to create a storyline that is familiar and recognizable for consumers. Sears could have followed this route by featuring a typical kitchen or family scene. Instead, the company takes a chance by adding shock value, and associating stories we don’t commonly associate with appliances. It is important for companies to balance brand recognition while still coming out with fresh, compelling content. Sears balances these two concepts perfectly, resulting in a successful viral campaign.

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Pam Didner

Posted on

November 21, 2012

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