I was in Amsterdam for less than 48 hours the other week.  Here are the ten things I discovered and loved about this beautiful city:

10. Everyone speaks English.  When asking for directions, everyone was super-helpful.

9. Buses and trains.  Took Bus 197 from the airport to the hotelà EU4.00.  Can’t beat that!

8. Bikes and bikers.  Where there is a road, there is a bike lane.  No one locks his or her bikes, behaviors of a very safe town!

7. Mint Tea!  I discovered hot water with fresh mint leaves.  Maybe it’s very common in Europe but it was my first time.  Love it!

6. Cheese.  I tried every sample in every cheese store I passed.  Say “Cheese!”

5. Canals and bridges.  What’s not to like about little canals running through the whole city?!

4. Houses. They are full of character with beautiful exterior window trim, stunning brickwork and strikingly crafted statues attached to the buildings.

3. Doors.  I remembered seeing a “Doors of Amsterdam” poster. Unique doors are necessary accessories for splendid homes.

2. Pastries.  Surprisingly, they are not sweet.  Yum!
1. Van Gogh museum!  Can’t beat the thrill of witnessing these paintings with my own eyes.   My favorite: The two versions of The Bedroom!

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Pam Didner

Posted on

December 11, 2013

Personal Journal, Story Telling
  • Winnie Xia

    Guess I will be in Amsterdam for a short layover this April, so I went back to read this article from you again. What a simple but very informative and sweet article. Love it.