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My son, Joey, sent me the following image and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day.  He is a child with a wicked sense of humor.  KFC is his favorite fast-food restaurant and my least favorite.  He thought it’s certainly proper and fitting to e-send me a bucket of fried chicken.  Thank you, Joey.  I feel the love.


At least this year he let me know that he wished me Happy Mother’s Day via e-mail. Last year, he posted the following photo that we took years ago on his Instagram account.  I don’t usually check his posts on Instagram.  I found out about his nice little gesture in August, months after Mother’s Day.  If nothing else, he let the world know that he loves me. Just not me. This year, he went with a medium that he knows I check every day, e-mail. (laugh)


Joey, I get the hint.  It’s time to go to KFC. We will go next weekend.


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Pam Didner

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May 15, 2014

Personal Journal