It’s funny how our minds work. Sitting in front of my Mac, I am procrastinating instead of writing next week’s blog by surfing Pinterest. I came across the above image and instantly loved it. Below the elephant trunk image on Pinterest was a link to Top 10 Funny Street Art. It’s amazing how some people can see potential in something extremely ordinary that most people ignore or take from granted. They have what I call “curious eyes.”

This brought to mind an excellent Wall Street Journal article I read back in October of last year, Simplicity and Order for All, an interview with Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square. He said something that resonates deeply with me: “Innovation is just reinvention and rethinking. I don’t think there’s anything truly, organically new in this world. It’s just mash-ups of all these things that provide different perspectives—that allow you to think in a completely different way, which allows you to work in a different way.”

Twitter is simply another form of blogging limited to 140 characters. Square is another device for accepting credit cards. Batman is another form of Zorro. One pair of eyes, one cookie, and a trashcan can become a Cookie Monster (a seen here Top 10 Street Art).

Dorsey is right. It’s just all mash-ups of different things to create another “original” idea. Before you know how and what to mash, try to see everything around you without preconceptions. Let your sense of curiosity and creativity rein free (not reign free, really!).

Do you agree with Dorsey’s statement about reinvention and rethinking? Do you believe organic content truly exists? Share your point of view on my Facebook or tweet me at @PamDidner!

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Pam Didner

Posted on

April 18, 2013

Global Marketing Blog, Marketing Optimization, Personal Journal