Marketers have gone big in this year’s 2014 Winter Olympics. NBC reports a record $800 million in ads sold for the games. With all the controversy and boycotting that has surrounded this year’s Olympics, some were worried that the money spent may not be worth the return. Others, such as Subway and Starbucks, while not official sponsors have capitalized on the events with their “ambush” marketing tactics. 

Read more below on top advertising successes and how you can engage viewers of this year’s Olympics before the games end.

How to engage viewers of the Winter Olympics | Marketing Forward

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SochiProblems aside, there has been a lot of buzz on the road to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics but it is finally upon us with the opening ceremonies kicking things off last week. The Olympics are an incredibly valuable event for connecting with consumers.


Fingers Crossed, Marketers Count on Olympic Gold

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THE many marketers spending an estimated $1 billion to sponsor and advertise during the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are keeping their fingers crossed that the multiple issues threatening to overshadow the Winter Games – whether security, human rights, stray dogs or ramshackle accommodations – will not repel American consumers.

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Sochi Olympics on lookout for ambush marketing

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When an advertiser shows up unannounced and steals attention by aligning itself with an event or a competitor’s ad, it’s called “ambush marketing.” It’s a high-wire act, requiring the element of surprise, brash timing, cleverness, and just a dash of larceny. One type of ambush is “marketing by unauthorized association.”


The Winter Olympics in Sochi Mean Marketing Gold to Advertisers

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Watch the video The Winter Olympics in Sochi Mean Marketing Gold to Advertisers on Yahoo Finance . Advertisers are paying up for the 2014 Olympics Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, hoping to strike marketing gold. Brad Adgate, senior vice president of research at Horizon Media, says ad spending for the Sochi Olympics is considerably higher than it was for recent past Winter Olympic Games.

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