I like to challenge myself by creating new keynote topics, courses and workshops. To be able to create a new topic for a course or a workshop, I synthesize relevant information and put it into an easy-to-understand framework. Then, I need to find a story angel to tie all the key points together. It’s a fun and frustrating creative journey. Ok, the ugly truth, the workshop creation process is 80% frustration, 20% fun. The fun part comes after a rough framework is put together… It’s like building a house or designing an evening gown. After you have a decent blue print or a directional sketch your creative juices really start flowing.

New year, new resolution and new workshop!  For the Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas on 3/28, I decided to create a brand-new workshop. And for that I need to thank Joe Pulizzi because he was the one nudging me into that direction. 🙂 

Setting Up and Managing a Global, Content-First Marketing Team 

Although I do plenty of customized corporate marketing workshops, my standard workshops primarily aim at global content marketing planning and collaboration.

Content Marketing Workshops Pam Didner

So, what is this workshop all about?

The objective of this workshop is to help you set up a Content Marketing team so that you can scale your content effectively.  But here is the tricky part: the maturity stage of every company’s content marketing is different; therefore, your team set up is situational and different.

During the workshop, we will first evaluate your current content marketing stage by answering a short list of questions. Once the stage is defined, we will go through the 5 elements: strategy, content plan, team, processes and budget. In this workshop, you will create your own plan and team structure. Everyone’s team will be tailored based on his/her company’s structure, his/her role in this company and the maturity stage of content marketing efforts.

My goal is for you to have drafts of a plan and a team structure when you walk out the workshop. It will be something that you can continue to work on or discuss with your team and management. It means that there are hands-on exercises at the workshop.  Yes, you have to work in this workshop. 🙂

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify your specific challenges for creating a content-first marketing team
  • Craft a plan to overcome some of these challenges
  • Work together at the workshop to create your team structure
  • Have a proposed content first plan and team structure to further discuss with your team and management

How is this workshop different the other three?

The past workshops focused on strategy setting and collaboration process between headquarters and locals. This workshop will touch on the cores of the past workshops, and MORE. I will assist you to analyze your current situations with a list of questions and guide you to create something that you can take back for further development and discussion.

In case you already have an established team, there is more…

If you have a team in place and are doing well on scaling your content with your local team, there are other interesting workshops and sessions that you should check out:

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