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We have all dealt with job dissatisfaction at some point in our careers, and many of us still experience it today. Sometimes specific circumstances can leave us unhappy with our jobs, but changing our individual perspective and personal goals can make a significant difference. This article from Balanced Work Life discusses five inspiring ways to get more out of your job. These include:

1. Improve Your Environment: Create an organized and attractive workspace to make your job more enjoyable.
2. Become a Mentor: Take on a new employee or trainee, and teach them the tips and tricks to succeed. You’ll feel accomplished and proud as they improve.
3. Practice Gratitude: Start noticing the little things about your job that you’re thankful for.
4. New Challenges: Take on new duties or tasks to avoid getting stuck in the same routine.
5. Make it Less Important: If your current job is just a stepping stone, keep remembering your ultimate goal, and how great it will feel when you get there.

In addition to these five useful ways, I have come up with two of my own ways to increase value in your job.

6. Celebrate Small Successes
Did you meet an early deadline, make a big sale, or simply get through your daily tasks? No matter how big or small, everyday work achievements are things to be proud of, so it’s important to celebrate each success. Remembering to pat yourself on the back and to reward yourself will keep you driven and motivated. And don’t forget to complement your peers and colleagues on things they accomplish and do well.  Making their environment better will also make your environment better!

7. Do Nothing
Most of us, myself included, are obsessed with the to-do list.  We like to check things off so that we feel productive and useful.  It’s OK to “waste” time such as sitting down in a coffee shop with nothing to do or wandering around in the woods.  Sometimes “idle” time can be beneficial to spark your most creative ideas or rejuvenate your spirits.  Finding time to take a moment and clear your mind can be the most productive thing to do in the long run.

The key to increasing job satisfaction is to determine what you want to get out of it. Do you have a specific goal or activity you practice to love your job? Tweet me @PamDidner or let me know on Facebook!

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Pam Didner

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November 29, 2012

Marketing Optimization, Personal Journal