Have you heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?  It’s a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how you perceive the world and make decisions.  It’s a tool to help you understand yourself better.  Some MBTI sites provide career recommendations based on 16 personality types.  Some sites even suggest the personality type that would make a good romantic match for you.

Recently, each team member in our team retook the MBTI test. By understanding each team member’s personality traits, we can better work together as a team.  One team member shared an interesting table, which associates each personality type with a Star Wars Character.

Myers-Briggs Test: Star War Version

Source: Myers-Briggs Test: Star War Version

It was clever and fun.I have taken the Meyer’s Briggs test three times in the past 15 years. I have noticed that certain personality traits of mine have changed over time; some have stayed the same. 15 years ago: ENTJ  (Leia) 5 years ago: INFJ  (Obi Wan) Now: INTJ  (Palpadine) Ok, this is depressing.

Not only did I go through a gender transformation without knowing it, but I also went over to the dark side. Oh well, so I am on the dark side.  At least I’m the emperor. LOL! On a serious note, I noticed that I have changed with my jobs and age. At my current stage in life, I prefer a slower pace with time for contemplation; time to think things through. I would also rather observe than be the center of attention.

This is certainly the trait of inwardly focused: Introversion “I”.  My current job requires me to be strategic and I have been making an intentional effort to train myself to think strategically.  That has been reflected in Thinking, “T”, rather than in “Feeling”, F. N (Intuition) and J (Judging) personality types have stayed consistent for me in the past 15 years.  “N” refers to how I prefer to process information.  I am open-minded and notice the big picture and see how everything connects. “J” refers to how I prefer to live my outer life.  I am a planner that prefers step-by-step details and have respect for deadlines. It’s interesting to know how I have not changed or changed over time.  I have become more self-aware in how I think and work.

Have you taken Myers-Briggs test before? If you have taken it in the past, have you changed over time? Maybe it’s time to take it again.  Which Star Wars’ character are you?

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