At last week’s Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, several commitments and initiatives were announced to address women’s education, employment and inequality.

My company, Intel, is one of the key partners committed to one initiative: Bridge Africa’s gender gap by providing women computers and digital literacy education.   Intel will work closely with other NPOs such as World Pulse, CAREWorld Vision, Change Corp, etc.

The Women and the Web report found that in developing countries, 23% fewer women than men are on-line.

“Providing women with computers and access to the Internet empowers women with the information, freedom and tools to make better decisions for themselves and their families.”

The report also found: with access to the Internet and proper computer skills, 30% of women in developing countries earned additional income, 80% used it to improve their education, 85% said the Internet provides more freedom.

I am PROUD to work for a company that provides technology to enrich women’s lives.  World Pulse, a Portland-based NPO, is also one of the charities I support.  They encourage women around the world to use digital media to connect and share their stories.  They enable women to tell their stories, voice their concerns and offer solutions to their communities.

Knowledge is Power.  Let’s do our part to give women and girls around the world access to the power of knowledge through technology.

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Pam Didner

Posted on

October 3, 2013

Global Marketing Blog, Localization