Never having been to Austin before, I was excited to speak at Innotech this month.  The casual vibe reminds me very much of Portland so I felt right at home.

At the conference, I shared my thoughts on how to “Harness the Power of Content Marketing.”  You can check out my presentation on slideshare.  Feedback is welcome.

I talked about a simple process to guide marketers through the content planning process.


  1. Align your marketing objectives to the company’s business objectives.  Crisp business and marketing objectives will provide direction for content planning.  The objectives will help put focus on the right industry segments, the sales enablement efforts and the customer journey.
  2. Understand your target audience by creating a persona.  A good persona provides insights into your audiences’ attitudes, purchasing behavior, thought process, challenges and desires.  It gives you guidance on what content to create and where to syndicate it.
  3. Create the customer thought journey.  The Customer’s purchase journey has been further fragmented with the rise of search and social media.  According to a research report from Price Waterhouse and Coopers, 80% of global consumers research products online before buying in stores.  Understanding the thought process of your target audience and mapping proposed content to that journey is key.
  4. Map content creation to the customer thought journey.  Once you are able to map content to the stages of the customer thought journey, you can plan the content to create (see slides 30-32).
  5. Align content types to customers’ content consumption patterns.  Long form content works better with paid and owned media.  For earned (social) media communications, the trick is to reuse, refresh and repurpose content by breaking down long form content to a digestible short form.  Social media requires daily attention. It requires us to think like a newspaper publisher.

In summary, harnessing the power of content marketing comes from:

–       Knowing you audience

–       Mapping content to the customer’s thought journey

–       Thinking like a newspaper publisher with timely communications with your audience


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Pam Didner

Posted on

October 17, 2013

Content Marketing, Global Marketing Blog, Marketing Know-Hows, Marketing Optimization