18047757_mIn this day and age it can be difficult to separate work life and home life. Especially with the separation boundaries thinning as more people work from home on a regular basis and casual wear is more widely accepted as appropriate in places of business.

The below articles discuss ways in which one can help separate their work life and home life. There is also an article exploring an opposite viewpoint and debating why you should not separate the two.

Do you have any advice on how to keep your home and work life separate? Do you think you should? Share your thoughts on my TwitterFacebook, or Google+!

6 Strategies For Work-Life Balance

You have a work life. You have a home life. And you have, in all probability, forgotten how to keep them separate. Martha Beck discusses the importance of building a barrier between the way you make your living and the way you live. The time has come to write.

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How to separate work from home life

Working couples already know the challenges that go with trying to balance professional and personal lives, especially when there are school age kids in the mix with their own agendas of homework, extracurricular activities and friends.

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Why work and life shouldn’t be separate

Companies that want to have a truly positive impact need people who are fully engaged with their work and aren’t afraid to bring their genuine identities to the office.

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How to Keep Your Work and Personal Life Separate

I read somewhere recently that people are well-advised to keep their office keys separate from their home keys. While I’ve never done that, I started thinking about the different ways that I have tried to keep my personal life separate from my professional life, and thought it might be a fun topic for an Open Thread.

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How to Separate Work from Home Life

When you worked in a regular office, you had time to transition from Marketing Maven to Mommy on your one hour daily commute home. But now that you work from a home office, separating home life from work life has become tricky. Learn how to shut off work-and enjoy being with your family-with these tips.

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Pam Didner

Posted on

September 13, 2013

Personal Journal