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Are you addicted to that little screen on your phone? Are you constantly having the urge to check your Facebook, e-mail or instant messenger? If you are not checking your Facebook, e-mail or texts, you feel the need to browse. We all find ways to keep ourselves busy with our phones. In our household, my husband, my sons and I sit together in our family room at nights, each one of us staring at our little screen and immersed in our own little world with little conversation among us. It sounds sad, but it’s really the reality of our world. We are addicted to our little screens.

Does it sound healthy to stare at that screen of yours all the time? Of course not! So, what can do you about it?

Be present! I chuckled, when I saw this statement by David Bader: “Be here now. Be someplace else late. Is that so complicated?” Yes, it’s complicated. Our minds are trained to multi-task. Even if I am doing yoga, my mind is thinking about what I need to do after yoga. Very sad indeed. If you are at home with your family or out spending time with friends, make the best intention to be present! We all have that urge of grabbing our phones while spending time with others. Don’t!

Get a Life! Don’t let our phones rule us! It’s our lives, we make the rules. This takes effort! Make the choice to keep doing things you love. Set aside time for your hobby, workout, shopping etc. It’s time to be away from any screens! Even if it’s for 15 min, it will do you wonders. Make the choice to get away from your phone— if not, you’ll be sucked into the beast!

Is it a big deal? Is it really the end of the world if you miss a Facebook update or you’re not on Twitter for 24 hours? What are the consequences? The truth is, life really does move on if you miss an update or an email, aside from life or death situations. Realize your life doesn’t depend on social media, and resist the need to constantly check in.

Technology devices should enhance our lives, not rule them. Make an intentional effort to disconnect. When you look back on your lives one day, you want to remember the time you spent with real people, not just with your phone.

How do you prevent technology from ruling your life? Share your tips with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+!

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Pam Didner

Posted on

July 3, 2013

Personal Journal