Happy 2017! My favorite acronym in 2016 was WTF. I know what you are thinking. Wait, don’t be too quick to judge.

WTF has two meanings for me: “Wow! That’s Fabulous” and “Why the Failure”.

In every WtF (Why the Failure), there is a silver lining of WTF (Wow! That’s Fabulous).


So, here are my 3 WtF/WTF lessons in 2016:


WtF: Being rejected or not getting the business doesn’t mean failure. It just means that it’s not meant to be.

WTF: Internalize the lesson-learned. Have a drink (I had plenty of those), then move on!

WtF: Spent several thousand dollars and built a customized on-line course site that didn’t go anywhere.

WTF: Killed the site completely and recreated a la carte courses using cheaper 3rd party platform. Still working online course development.

WtF: Hired many programmers and coders for my own website and client projects with mix results.

WTF: By working with the good, the bad and the ugly programmers and coders, I learned a great deal on how the back-end works. Also, I am slowly building my own network of freelancers.

WTF: Acknowledge that my website is a never-finished masterpiece. I can optimize until the cows come home. I finally just set up a budget for what I am willing to spend on my website and am sticking to that (ok, for several months).

Working for myself for nearly 2.5 years, I have had a consistent fear that I was not going to make it. Only as recently as November of 2017 did I find the confidence to tell myself: “It’s going to be OK! I can do this.” Many friends and strangers-become-friends have helped me along the way. You know who you are. Thank you!

Looking ahead, there will be plenty of WtF and WTF moments. Bring them on. I am ready.

Turn you WtF to your WTF.  Happy 2017!


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