Why You Should Repurpose Existing Content

  Generating and curating relevant content for multiple marketing channels on a regular basis can be a big challenge. Making it even harder, any one type of content will not usually work for all marketing channels. For example, a 10-page white paper may be great as gated content for an e-mail campaign or for your website, but may not work well for Facebook or Twitter syndication. I presented “Repurpose, Reuse, Refresh (RRR) Content” at Content-to-Conversion (C2C) in May. I shared Intel and LinkedIn examples of how to breakdown and consolidate content to create quasi-new content for different channels. Check out the presentation. Content Marketing Institute is an expert at repurposing and repackaging content for different channels. Its flagship event, Content Marketing World, was a great success this year. Like all other events, they gathered speakers’ presentations and video recorded the sessions. All this content can be used on their websites and other communications channels. They added another element at their sessions: they hired graphic recorders to take visual notes during the sessions. social media, digital marketing, global marketing, branding, strategy, content examples, content marketing institute Here is the outcome of visual recording: social media, digital marketing, global marketing, transcreation, machine translation, content marketing, branding, strategy social media, digital marketing, global marketing, content marketing, branding, strategy They made these visual representations available after the sessions and displayed them nicely at the entrance of the Exhibit Hall. Attendees loved them and snapped photos and shared on Twitter and other social media channels to create buzz for the event. CMI used the elements of session videos, visual graphs and presentations to create various content pieces. Enjoy the following examples of reusing content and think about ways you can do something similar:

  • Each visual representation can be used as a snackable tweet or FB udpate to drive traffic to the your site or slideshare session presentations, if they are available for public viewing.
  • Consolidate all the graphs to do a summary presentation. Check out this nice presentation with session highlights, visuals and speaker intro. Check out this presentation with over 12K views.

  • Selective graphs and presentations can be incorporated into a pre-keynote video or an event promotional video.
  • A short blog on event highlights that ends with a sneak peak of next year’s event to promote next year’s ticket sales.

There are many ways to repackage reuse, and repurpose existing content. Before determining how to mix and match various content pieces, it’s important to understand what you want to accomplish, what channels to communicate on, and what the call-to-actions are.

Repurpose existing content with a purpose


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