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Technology in Content Marketing Explored


Regardless of what new technologies come about in the future, they are bound to play a role in the creation of content and the strategy behind your company’s content marketing. In this age of technology, new platforms, management tools and devices become available so frequently that it can be a challenge to keep up! However, staying on top of the newest tech trends is monumental to your success in content marketing.

Check out the following articles for a look into how technology and content marketing work together, along with some tools that you may find useful!

People, devices and the future of content marketing

technology and content marketing

We have never created or owned a device that is as personal and powerful as the smartphone. Our relationship with mobile devices has become so intimate we even experience separation anxiety if we are detached from our devices for just a couple of minutes.

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A Strategic Map of Content Marketing Technologies

technology and content marketing

By Robert Rose published June 14, 2013 How is content marketing technology different than other marketing solutions? Does anyone really need yet another segmented view of marketing software solutions? These are questions that, candidly, we at CMI started asking ourselves just after the first Content Marketing World event in 2011.

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technology and content marketing

How Digital Technologies Will Affect Your Content Strategy

technology and content marketing

Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles With the popularity of content marketing going from strength to strength, and an ever-increasing number of digital technologies becoming available, it’s getting harder and harder for brands to make their marketing efforts stand out from the crowd.

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technology and content marketing

Content Collaboration Tools: An Analysis of 13 Technology Solutions in a Disruptive Marketplace

technology and content marketing

Author: Robert Rose, Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute Looking for a way to produce content at a higher velocity? Heard about some of the new collaboration tools out there, but not sure where to start in terms of evaluating potential solutions?

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