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April Fool’s Day has become huge on the Internet and every brand is getting in on it. The day has become about so much more than just pranks and giggles; it is a way for companies to express their wit, culture and to relate to their fans on a more humorous front.

Here is how the holiday impacts marketers as well as some of this year’s best and worst branded pranks:

April Fool’s Day Has Become a Marketing Free-For-All

Cheeteau by Chester perfume

So April Fool’s is once again upon us, and the Internet has lost its mind. From Google’s augmented reality Pokémon game, to sightings of a mythical manatee-dolphin off the coast of Florida, the hits just keep coming. April Fool’s has become a day for the Internet, and as with any event, marketers are interested in capitalizing on it.


April Fools’ Day: A guide to the best and worst pranks on the Internet

Prank examples

By Tara Brady Today is April Fools’ Day and the chances are someone is going to play a trick on you. So to help you separate the fact from the fiction, here is a definitive guide to the best (or worst) pranks this year from around the world.

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Brands look to have the last laugh with April Fools pranks

Marketing Week

It is that time of the year when marketers tout a barrage of fraudulent new products and services in a bid to become the ultimate April Fools prankster. Marketing Week selects the pick of branded pranks. Sainsbury’s has joined in with the high jinks with its own, quirky solution to the age-old conundrum of toast falling butter-side down.


April Fools’ pranks not just for laughs

Cheeteau perfume

In a concerted effort to fight obesity, the nation’s major fast-food chains today jointly announced plans to sell items in one size only: puny. Of course they didn’t. That’s pure poppycock. But it’s the kind of April Fools’ Day prank that — when believed for even a nano-second — accomplishes exactly what every marketer wants more of but keeps getting less of in a fragmented world: attention.

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15 Genius April Fools’ Day Pranks From Conan, Netflix, Google & More

April 1st Calendar

April Fools’ Day is upon us once again. Companies everywhere will postpone their daily tasks to partake in the tomfoolery that is April 1st. If this year is anything like the last few years, we can expect a lot of product releases, update announcements, and a multitude of elaborate pranks from Google.


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