Disclaimer: This is my short speech at my book signing party in Portland on 9/12. I exaggerated my key take away of book promotion to the nth degree, but there is a kernel of truth in it. Enjoy! Kerry asked me to speak a couple words about the journey of writing my first book… Instead, I decided to answer two questions people ask me frequently after publishing my book.

  1. Wow, book promotion and tour. It must be FUN and Glamorous, right?
  1. How do you feel after leaving Intel?

Let me address the first question: First of all, I would like to demystify the glamor of book promotion by sharing the top 5 least glamorous things about book promotion.

No. 5: Begging. Even though I created the 4 P’s of Global Content Marketing, the true 4 P’s of marketing are Please, please, please, please. So……………please buy my book.

No. 4: Harassing. If you were a first time published author, you harass your family, friends, peers to promote your book on their blog sites, even go as far as suggest the book to be part of your friends’ Facebook updates. If they don’t comply, you become progressively aggressive from harassing to threatening to stalking. So, watch out for that!

No. 3: Haggling. You start haggling a lot. Here are examples of conversations between you and your friends: Your friend: “Can you baby sit for me?” You: “Can you buy 3 copies of my book?”   Your friend: “What will you bring for our pot luck on Saturday?” You: “I will bring my book.” Seriously, you don’t feel there is anything wrong with your responses.

No. 2: Sleep deprivation. The book is like your perfect child. You love this baby so much that you will stay up at night to create promotional materials to tell people how great your baby is.

No.1.5: Early morning grinding. A wonderful marketing software vendor purchased 200 copies for the Content Marketing World this week. They promised to give away “signed” copies of my book to attendees of their demo sessions. Yes, I was at their booth at 6:45 am on Tuesday morning before the show floor opened and spent one hour and 23 minutes to sign 120 copies of my book. I swear that I was not counting the time and the number of copies I signed. After that, my arm could take on the ice bucket challenge several times. Bring it on!

No. 1: Seamless plugs, aka shameless plugs. I can turn any conversation into a book discussion or shamelessly plug my book in any topic, any presentation and any content piece. Really, shameless! In summary, that’s my key takeaway from promoting my book since August. I’ve come to realize that I become a very indecent human being. Here is the second question: How are you doing after Intel? The question is really: How do you feel not having a bi-weekly check? I left Intel on 6/16. When I got up on 6/17 around 11:30 am, I was like “OMG, this is GREAT!” When I got up on 6/18 around 11:30 am, I was like “OOOOMMMMMGGGG, I am totally unemployed.” And I was hyperventilating!! Now, I am on my own. I have mood swings as if I am bi-polar! To tell the truth, it’s part of the journey. Some of you have done it. You know what I am talking about.

I would like to take a moment to THANK YOU for all your support and friendship. You have been awesome. Another shameless plug and harassment: if you read the book and like it, a five-star review on Amazon.com is appreciated. If you read the book and don’t like it, a five-star review on Amazon.com is appreciated.

Really, please don’t base your five star review on the book. Lastly, I want to thank Kerry McClenahan, CEO of McBru, for offering her office space to host this wonderful book signing party for me. Thank you so much, Kerry.

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