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Pam has the amazing ability to synthesize, connect with the audience and bring clarity to complex digital marketing content.

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Why Event Planners & Corporate Clients Enjoy Working With Pam

  • Professional Team: Guarantees a smooth event and great working experience
  • Customized Content: Tailors her presentations to your event with the latest in digital, social and content marketing.
  • Actionable Presentations: Creates how-to based presentations that are sprinkled with humor and solid how-to tips
  • Experience: Fortune 100 senior marketer with 20 years of hands-on corporate experience.

Marketing Keynotes and Workshops


Keynote: Five Hot Trends Of Digital Marketing And How They Impact You

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly marketers must stay ahead of the many trends.

From developing optimized email marketing campaigns with new tools and templates to using customers’ data to predict their next transactions, marketers are overwhelmed with the technologies they need to master in order to do their jobs successfully.

Pam Didner deeply understands challenges faced by modern marketers. With more than 20 years of corporate and consulting experience, she’s agile and stays on the top of today’s technologies. She has the uncanny ability to synthesize complicated ideas into a simple framework your audience can understand, take back to the office and implement right away.

In this speaking session, Pam will share five current trends that are relevant to your audience. She’ll identify the key actionable tasks the audience should apply as well as creative ideas to make your marketing budget go the extra mile.

In this session, the audience will:

  • Articulate how new technology trends impact the marketing landscape
  • Connect the dots between the trends and their jobs
  • Identify key actionable topics to drive discussion with their teams
  • Draw ideas from case studies and best practices
  • Have fun while learning something new


Keynote: Maximize the Synergy Of Your Social Media And Content Marketing Efforts

Developing effective and strategic content is key to successful social media campaigns, but there’s more to marketing than just social media.

While there is some overlap between content marketing and social media marketing, they are distinct entities that must be integrated. Which comes first? How do we effectively integrate other marketing functions into social media?

Pam Didner, author of Global Content Marketing, will show you a simple process to integrate your company’s social media and content marketing. She’ll also teach you how to repurpose and repackage content for different social media channels so you receive more mileage out of your evergreen and long-form content. Pam makes it easy for the audience to connect the dots and implement the processes.

In this session, your audience will learn to:

  • Leverage different content for social media success
  • Shape content editorials by providing social media insights
  • Connect the dots between social media and content marketing
  • Repurpose, repackage and reuse (RRR) your content for different social channels
  • Move social media upstream and incorporate social media content requirements into the overall content planning


Keynote: Think Big and Small: Technology’s Role in Digital Marketing

Technology has become a critical element in today’s marketing landscape. Our relationship with technology is similar to being married — and it’s complicated. Just like in real-life partnerships, technology can make marketers more efficient, as well as overwhelm them with its complexity.

Here is the ugly truth: technology will continue to evolve! Everything we do moving forward will be technology-dependent, from a simple webinar to a complicated virtual reality marketing campaign. Marketers need to take into account technology usage in everything from planning multi-million dollar campaigns to a simple partnership with a local charity.

In this presentation, Pam Didner dives into methods of choosing and leveraging technologies to execute your marketing plans. She focuses on four categories: marketing campaigns, processes and tools, content integration and data analytics.

In each category she’ll review in detail how the audience can better integrate technologies when planning their campaigns and outreach. She’ll also help them connect the creative dots with current industry examples and best practices.

After this session, the audience will be able to:

  • Break down technology needs into four easy categories to direct your marketing efforts
  • Understand the relationship among creative, campaigns and technologies for marketing outreach
  • Comprehend and address the challenges of finding the right technology solutions at the right time
  • Leverage technology to plan your overall marketing campaigns with integrated paid, owned and earned media channels

82156254 - choice between artificial intelligence and human.

Keynote: Humans vs. Machines:
Is Content Marketing Doomed?

The competition between humans and machines started with the Industry Revolution in the late 1700’s. Because of the invention of the steam engine, humans, for the first time in history, made the transition from manual manufacturing to mass production. This revolution spawned gigantic machines with moving parts, belts, hoses, bearings, and bolts – all clattering and ratcheting along.

We were able to build machines which could hear, see, and touch with greater accuracy and precision than human beings. According to Alvin Toffler, we gave technology a womb, by inventing machines designed to give birth to new machines in infinite progression.

Fast forward to the information age, we are able to embed artificial intelligence (AI) in machines and devices which can then create content that mimics a human author’s writing. How will content marketing evolve with AI? Does the era of “clever content” mean AI, machine-generated content? Pam Didner, Author of Global Content Marketing, will share examples and case studies to stimulate your thoughts about the future of content marketing.

In this session, your audience will learn to:

  • Understand how we got here
  • Identify AI’s impact on marketing
  • Learn about the possibilities of technology in content marketing


Workshop: Scale Your Content Marketing Internationally With The Four Ps

Content marketing is challenging enough for one country. But what if you want to scale your content marketing efforts across the world. It can be overwhelming and extremely difficult to get started. In her bestselling book,  Global Content Marketing, Pam shows marketing teams how to scale content globally (from a client’s perspective) with a proven process and framework.

In this four to six-hour workshop, Pam will lead you through the four stages of global content marketing efforts: Plan, Produce, Promote and Perfect.

  • Plan: Set up strategy before execution
  • Produce: Create content that matters
  • Promote: Distribute content in the digital era
  • Perfect: Measure and optimize to drive maximum impact

She’ll also provide examples and best practices so you can further connect the dots. Attendees will have opportunities to do hands-on exercises during the workshop. After the session, each attendee will receive the templates and a free-copy of her book. The audience will be able to plan and implement content marketing with their teams after the workshop.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn about the evolution of content marketing and the 4 P’s of Content Marketing
  • Create a scalable global content marketing plan and the do’s and don’ts of scaling content internationally
  • Implement collaboration and communications process between headquarters and regions
  • Draw ideas from case studies and best practices
  • Learn how to localize and translate for repurposing, repackaging and reusing (RRR) your content


Workshop: How To Leverage Your Content Marketing Strategy To Maximize Social Media Efforts

Content is king and context is queen. That’s especially true for social media marketing. And your target customers’ attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Therefore, it’s critical for marketers to customize outreach for each channel. There’s no one-size-fits-all.

In this three-hour workshop Pam Didner, author of Global Content Marketing, will show you a detailed, yet simple process to integrate your company’s content marketing program with its social media. The synergies are built through careful planning and she’ll teach you how to implement this collaboration process.

In addition, she’ll teach you how to repurpose and repackage content for different social media channels so you receive more mileage out of your evergreen and long-form content. For instance, one piece of long-form content can easily be transformed into numerous pieces of opportunities and re-architected to more exposure in additional marketing channels and verticals. Pam makes it easy for the audience to connect the dots and implement the process.

In this session, your audience will learn how to:

  • Leverage different content for social media success
  • Shape content editorials by providing social media insights
  • Connect the dots between social media and content marketing
  • Repurpose, repackage and reuse (RRR) your content for different social channels
  • Move social media upstream and incorporate social media content requirements into the overall content planning


Workshop: 7 Ways to Increase Conversions with Digital Content

Getting qualified leads continues to be a challenge to marketers.  As information is readily available to prospects, 72% of buyers research technologies and vendors before contacting them. How can you direct your prospects to approach you? How can you make conversions easy with your integrated outbound marketing efforts? What are the necessary tools to increase conversions on your websites?  Pam will address these questions in an approach that is easy for you to implement after the workshop.

At the workshop, you’ll learn:


– tips and tricks to increase conversions using content
– potential tools to be incorporated into your owned media
– creative approaches to enhance collaboration between sales and marketing


Workshop: Global Content Marketing: Create A Scalable Content Marketing Strategy

Planning is the prerequisite of business success, but success is not guaranteed by planning.

Creating a global content marketing plan can be overwhelming. In this workshop, Pam Didner simplifies the process and explains the steps attendees need to take to develop a global plan. She’ll discuss the collaboration between an organization’s headquarters and the regional team, the needs of creating global vs. local personas and budget allocations for content creation and promotion.

In this three-hour workshop, Pam will teach your audience how to create a content marketing strategy. She’ll share a marketing plan template that can be customized to meet each company’s specific needs.

In this session, attendees will learn to:

  • Identify key factors to consider before creating a content marketing strategy
  • Follow a step-by-step framework to create cross-regional content marketing plans
  • Use, customize and modify the content marketing plan template
  • Write business objectives and marketing strategy statements
  • Create a global content marketing plan that is actionable

digital marketing

Workshop: How to Simplify Your
Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is an overused buzz word, but what does it really mean? For some marketers, digital marketing is online marketing. For some, digital marketing means data-driven marketing. For others, digital marketing is anything except traditional marketing. It’s like “the Blind Men and the Elephant.” What does digital marketing really mean to a marketing team? How do we balance and integrate our company’s offline presence with its online outreach from a strategic perspective? Is it possible to create a digital marketing strategy to align the team and enhance the company’s digital presence? How can we incorporate a digital marketing strategy as part of an overall marketing plan? Pam Didner will address all these questions and share simple templates with you so that you can work with your team to put your digital marketing strategy together.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the elements of digital marketing strategy
  • Understand how to use the templates for each element
  • Learn to modify the templates as you see fit
  • Connect the dots between the digital marketing strategy and marketing initiatives

Creating a digital marketing strategy is not as complicated as you think. You can do it with the right approach and templates that make it easy.

dart aiming target

Workshop: How to Create a Messaging Framework that Resonates

As a marketer, the two most frequently asked questions by your team tend to be “how much budget do we have?” and “how do we position our products and services?” You may not be in control of your budget, but you can uniquely differentiate your products and services.

Pam Didner will share a simple process to help you rationalize your positioning across product/service lines and bring clarity to sales alignment and marketing outreach. She will discuss features vs. benefits, messaging vs. value propositions and taglines vs. slogans and more. This step-by-step process will help you decode product features and benefits, identify customers’ needs and map them together to create a framework that your team can use to create content.

After the session, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the benefits of a messaging framework
  • Understand the steps needed to create value propositions
  • Tie product features and benefits to customers’ pain points and challenges.

Why Clients Love Working with Pam



University of Oregon (School of Journalism)

Portland, Oregon: Jan – Mar

Class: Strategic Marketing Communications

Influitive: Content Marketing Mentor Summit

Virtual: 16 Februar 2017

Building a Global Content Marketing Strategy


Virtual: 20 March 2017

Twitter chat: Global Content Marketing

Intelligent Content Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada : 28 – 30 March 2017

Workshop: Setting up and Managing a Global, Content-First, Marketing Team


Virtual: 4 April 2017

Twitter chat: Internal Communications Tactics for World-Class Content Marketing

Cisco Marketing Velocity 2017

Chicago, Illinois : 24 – 27 April 2017

Workshop: 7 Ways To Increase Conversions With Effective Digital Content

Media Hungary 2017

Budapest, Hungary: May 9 – 10

Session: Five Hot Trends of Digital Marketing and How They Impact You

Session: Maximize The Synergy of Your Social Media and Content Marketing Efforts


Virtual: May 14

Twitter chat:How to Create Customer-Centric Content

Content Marketing Workshop

Geneva, Switzerland: May 23

Workshop: Global Content Marketing – Create a Scalable Content Marketing Strategy

#VCBuzz tweetchat

Virtual: May 30

Twitter chat: How to Understand Your Customers’ Content Needs

Cisco Marketing Webinar

Virtual: June 6/7

Webinar: 7 Ways To Increase Conversions With Effective Digital Content

Client Marketing Workshop

Napa Valley, California : June 8

Workshop: Internal marketing survey presentation

Client Marketing Workshop

San Francisco, CA: June 15

Workshop: Planning Day Facilitation

Client Marketing Workshop

Santa Clara, CA: July 11

Workshop: Planning Day Facilitation

Client Planning Summit

Geneva, Switzerland: July 20

Presentation: Future of Marketing and Customer Outreach

Curata – Content Marketing Expert Series Webinars

Virtual: August 2017

Webinar: Global Content Marketing

Content Marketing World

Cleveland, Ohio: Sept 6-8

Workshop: The Step-by-Step Guide to Create Global Content Marketing Strategy
Session: How to Create a Messaging Framework that Resonates

Media Hungary

Budapest, Hungary: September 26-27

Presentation: Sales Enablement and Content Marketing
Workshop: Maximize Content Marketing to Drive Sales

B2B Marketing Forum

Boston, Massachusetts Oct 3-6

Session: 7 easy steps to scale your content across regions

Social Media Strategies Summit

New York City, New York: 17 – 19 October 2017

Workshop: 7 Ways To Increase Conversion Through Content
Session: 5 Hot Trends in Digital Marketing and How They Impact You

Client Annual Marketing Summit

HongKong, China: October 24-25

Presentation: Create a Scalable Content Marketing Strategy

Cisco Live

Cancun, Mexico: November 8

Session: How to Create a Simplified Digital Marketing Strategy

Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington

Seattle, January 31, 2018

Workshop: How to Integrate Brand and Online Sales for Global Marketing

B2B Marketing Exchange (B2BMX18)

Scottsdale, Arizona: 19-20 February 2018

Workshop: Extending Your Content Across Borders

Cisco Live Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia: March 6-7 2018

Session: Increase Conversion Through Content Marketing

Clever Content Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark: April 11 – 12, 2018

KEYNOTE: Humans vs. Machines: Is Content Marketing Doomed?
WORKSHOP: A Step-by-step guide to creating a global content marketing strategy

BCM Best of Content Marketing

Vienna, Austria: June, 14 2018

Keynote and Session

Content Marketing World 2018

Cleveland, September 4-7

Workshop: Create A Scalable Global Content Marketing Strategy in 7 steps

Session: 5 Creative Ways Marketers Can Enable Their Sales Teams

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