My friend, Steffi and her family, came to visit us from China. Her 7-day visit made me re-explore the city I have taken for granted in the past twenty years. Taking them to places reminded of me how much I love this city. If you ever find yourself in Portland, here is my top 10-list that makes Portland the quirky and incredible city that it is.

Here it goes:

10. There are two seasons in Portland: Rain and Summer. It has been a great summer so far, we’re loving this sunshine!

9. Yes, there is a kernel of truth about Portland in Portlandia (TV show). The 90’s are STILL alive!

8. Portlanders are genuinely nice, friendly… and quirky (Keep Portland Weird is our motto). You will notice this instantly when you’re at a 4-way stop.

7. Two words:Mt. Hood.  The backbone of Portland. Winter: Ski, snowboard, inner tube. Summer: you can pretty do anything and everything. The views are breathtaking!

6. Three words:Mt. St. Helens.  Ok, technically, this is in the Washington State. On a clear day from the Marquam bridge in Portland, you can see both Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.  Oh, and you can also pretty much see the top of the mountain growing back after the eruption in 1982. Mighty!

5. Lush green, tall and handsome Douglas fir trees everywhere.  There are two in my neighbor’s backyard. Smack dab in the middle of the city, you can find Forrest Park (an AWESOME city park) for an incredible hike!

4. Birkenstocks are considered formal wear. It goes well with white socks (ok, just kidding).

3. Microbrew Beer. Portland currently has the most breweries of any city in the world. Beer is a religion for Portlandians.

Cheers 2. The World Naked Bike Ride.  I dare you to join this unique annual event!

1. Powell’s Book Store.  The word’s largest independent bookstore.  You need a map to maneuver this store that takes up an entire city block. This is my favorite place in Portland!

BONUS: Portland is incredible because you can drive 1 hour to get to the coast and 1 hour to be at the mountain. You can’t beat it! My husband and I came to Portland because that’s where the jobs were at the time.  Twenty years and two kids later, we are still here and there is no place like home.

Please come visit!  Ok, but come visit in summer unless you don’t mind a little rain. Really, This website will help you determine if it’s raining in Portland!

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