In this presentation, I share an internal framework for building synergy between content creators and social media managers inside an organization. Social media is all about sharing content. However, it can be challenging to find relevant internal and external content on a regular basis. I discuss potential content sources inside your organization. Once you know who the content creators are, you need to rally them to create content to meet your social media’s requirements. In addition, you should help them understand “why” they need to create content in a certain way. In order to be strategic about it, you need to “customize” 4 elements of marketing: objectives, personas, messaging and editorial. I also share some tools to discover or curate 3rd party content.

After this presentation, you’ll learn to:
– Identify possible sources for internal and external content
– Tie social media objectives to business objectives
– Customize personas for social media outreach

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August 16, 2017