What is this course about?

This course is about showcasing newly-founded or newly-merged teams’ value through internal communications. It will help to establish a clear plan to execute objectives and strategies.

Why is this course essential?

Internal communications has become increasingly necessary as new teams are formed within B2B companies or enterprises, because the role and value of each newly-formed team will need to be easily demonstrable to internal stakeholders. This course will assist you with:

  • Developing your internal communications plan in five easy-to-follow stages
  • Appointing team members to appropriate roles for efficient plan development and execution
  • Interacting with internal stakeholders to generate and assess valuable feedback
  • Knowing your options for the kinds of tools necessary to drive messages home, i.e. intranet, e-mail, webinar, etc.

What will you be able to accomplish after this course?

  • Navigate the internal communications plan development and execution process
  • Define your team’s value and establish a branded logo for easy identification
  • Have a better understanding of tools to utilize in conveying your messages, i.e. social intranets, videos, email newsletters, etc.
  • Interact with internal stakeholders to gain and measure feedback for adjustments moving forward

Who should take this course?

  • Leaders of newly-formed teams within B2Bs
  • B2B team members looking to establish an internal communications plan
  • Agencies that help clients create internal communications plans
  • Anyone looking to create an internal communications plan!

What if you are new to internal communications?

This course is designed for team leaders who want to showcase newly-formed teams’ value within B2Bs, but it’s equally accessible to newcomers. It will help anyone interested in boosting internal communications to think strategically, and will demonstrate how to develop and execute a plan.

How does the course work?

The is an easy-read e-book with visuals to help you comprehend five clear and concise stages that will help you to develop an internal communications plan.

One more thing...

Let’s make sure that we’re on the same page from the get go. This course is NOT:

  • How to create content to convey your internal communications messages
  • How to measure engagement
  • How to select internal communications tools

However, if you still have questions, simply contact me!