Why do you need this course?

Building an international content marketing team for your company can be tough, especially with limited budget and resources. This presentation helps you to assess where you stand, what you should do to pull a team together, what the organizational charts will look like and what your next steps should be. It will assist you with:

  • Knowing where you stand with your current B2B content marketing landscape
  • Showing examples of organizational structure
  • Helping you to figure out where the gaps are to be able to move forward

Why is this course essential?

If you need to create your own international content marketing organization chart, this course is for YOU.  Once you go through the content, you should be able to put a preliminary organizational chart together to review with your team and management.

What will you be able to accomplish after this course?

  • Assess your current content marketing team’s status within the company
  • Identify who currently supports you in content marketing efforts
  • Create a preliminary organizational chart that describes your company’s situation
  • Decide how best to move forward with your content marketing strategy based on your budget and resources

Who should take this course?

  • Headquarters employees who are looking to expand the team
  • Local team members wearing global hats
  • Agencies that help clients organize international teams
  • Anyone looking to expand their global marketing team!

Even if you don’t fall into those three categories, you still have the potential to gain new and useful knowledge from the course! Plus, this course is an easy read with only 115 slides. Ha! Really, it’s an easy read! You will see.

How is the lesson designed and paced?

The lesson is structured in a presentation format, and employs clear and concise language along with visuals to help you figure out where you stand and what your next steps should be. It employs visual aides and easy-to-understand language for a fast-track path to get to the core of organizing a team and creating your organizational structure.

How much will it cost?

This course is FREE! All my courses range from $0 – $150. (Yes, really!) You’ll pay less than attending a conference, and you’ll get the added benefit of detailed know-how. Need help footing the bill? Most companies have a budget for professional development; ask your management to cover the expenses.

If you still have questions after this FAQ, simply contact me!