What do internal communications have to do with superb content marketing?  At first glance, not so much. But when you think about it, internal communications are a critical part of the content marketing process. That’s why Express Writers and I decided on a TweetChat topic to cover some important tactics for internal communications and content marketing. We had a great one-hour discussion with the community members. It was a lot of fun! Here are some highlights, but make sure to check out the full recap on Express Writers website. You’ll find valuable tips and insights from the tweetchat participants. https://twitter.com/writingchat/status/849276943832940545 https://twitter.com/DigitalVK/status/849277976168591360 https://twitter.com/ExpWriters/status/849279940591837185 https://twitter.com/PamDidner/status/849280391789764608 https://twitter.com/JKatzaman/status/849280337372999680 https://twitter.com/RE_Wertheimer/status/849281276272050177 https://twitter.com/HeyOrca/status/849282733843066881 https://twitter.com/JuliaEMcCoy/status/849285583709011969 https://twitter.com/writingchat/status/849286960560648194 https://twitter.com/ThinkSEM/status/849287207424860162 https://twitter.com/PamDidner/status/849287178756673537 https://twitter.com/ExpWriters/status/849288743328636936 https://twitter.com/malliefe2o3/status/849289195537530882 https://twitter.com/PamDidner/status/849289019129069570 After reading the full recap you’ll still have some questions; Check out my ebook How to Develop a World-Class Internal Communications Plan. You can also download the free first chapter of my book: Global Content Marketing  You can also contact me via the contact form if you have any questions. To connect with this great community, follow the official hashtag – #ContentWritingChat on twitter, and join the party every Tuesday 10am CST. See you there.

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