What does a global content marketing team structure look like? I was asked this question frequently. Unfortunately, a team structure is unique and situational for each company. There is no standard answer! And there is no one-size-fits-all! However, I made an attempt to shed some light so that you can give some thoughts on how to put a team together. At the same time, I would like to see what others have to say.  Therefore, I posed the question How to Build a Global Content Marketing Team? as part of Spin Sucks  weekly TweetChat with Erika Heald last week. It was a lot of fun to exchange knowledge and experience with this great community. The best part was meeting awesome new people and having great conversation with them. We covered basics of advantages and challenges of creating integrated content teams, and how to get started with globalizing content strategy. Here are some highlights, but make sure to check out the full recap on Erika’s website. You’ll find valuable advice from the tweetchat participants, and what’s most important different perspectives on global content marketing teams, important elements and how to build one. https://twitter.com/SFerika/status/843904113150574593 https://twitter.com/PamDidner/status/843904577305001989 https://twitter.com/ZMcArthur12/status/843907768364888064 https://twitter.com/PamDidner/status/843907276062838784 https://twitter.com/SFerika/status/843911486875484163 https://twitter.com/PamDidner/status/843911883157585921 https://twitter.com/CardozaGab/status/843914049880555522 https://twitter.com/PamDidner/status/843913453127565313 https://twitter.com/BRAVOMedia1/status/843907752229507073 https://twitter.com/jenfromnewyork_/status/843912179342626816 After reading the full recap you’ll still have some questions; you can download my ebook for free: How to Build a Global Content Marketing Team, or you can simply reach out to me via the contact form on my website. To connect with this great community follow the official hashtag – #ContentChat on twitter, and join the party every Monday 12pmPST/3pmET. See you there.

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