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“Why do we have to do content marketing?” or “What is content, anyway?” I lost count on how many times I’ve needed to explain this to my internal stakeholders and partners.

I used to get super-annoyed or incredibly impatient (and had to make a serious effort to conceal my frustration), when I need to re-explain the same thing to my stakeholders. How could they not remember what I told them? It’s pretty self-explanatory. Don’t you think?

It turns out their universe did not revolve around content marketing.

No universe did. I was a broken record, but not a very effective one. It was not working and I decided to change my approach.

I started to clarify how content could apply to my stakeholders’ universe.

I discovered that working with internal stakeholders is similar to creating messaging and positioning for your external customers. Messaging and positioning of your products or services is not about your products and services, it’s about what your products or services can do for someone.

Explaining content marketing is not about the definition or process, it’s about what it will do for them.

For event marketing, I suggested content pieces that can be used for flyers, pamphlets and pre-keynote video roll. For e-mail marketing, I pulled additional content for them to consider and helped them to create a series of on-boarding e-mail copy and content. For social media, I let them know that I understand the challenges of coming up with information on a daily or hourly basis. I proactively shared some 3rd party content that I thought would have value for their audience.

The best way to explain content marketing is to show them through actions so that they can witness the benefits the first-hand.

Over time, I didn’t need to explain marketing content anymore. They saw what it could offer.

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Pam Didner

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February 9, 2016

Content Marketing