I was recently interviewed by Next Stage Media Group as part of their Content Marketing 360 Monday radio program to discuss launching content marketing within an organization of any size.

The radio host, also named Pam, was delightful and led a very interesting Pam-on-Pam conversation.

Regarding content marketing – the key is a 4-step process: Plan, Create, Amplify and Measure.

In the planning stage there are many items to align. First off, make sure you know your high level business and marketing objectives so you don’t stray from the big picture. Secondly, understand your audience. Finally, conduct a content audit. In doing so you can identify what content currently exists and what content is still needed. This is a great starting point to develop a road map from.

There are several key questions you need to ask in this stage as well, such as: “How do we manage content?” and “How much budget do we have?” It is important to understand that it is okay to not know all the answers right away.

Create content with a purpose. This includes evaluating the platforms you are utilizing and see if they even make sense. Why are you on Facebook? Just because everybody else is isn’t entirely the right answer. You should be in the space to engage with people and make an impact.

Think about it in terms of why you need to create it first before you create it. That’s my point. Make intentional effort to understand what you want to accomplish before you create your content, or we tend to create content sometimes not thinking about, ‘You know what? The infographic works so well. The viral video is awesome. We need to make our video go viral therefore we create something but it really didn’t go viral. We don’t understand why.’ My take on this is actually, it’s possible to create content not only that your audience finds useful but also will sell and market your product. You need to think it through and then create with a sense of purpose before you do it.

Go where your audience is. Utilize whatever platform they are on, inject yourself appropriately and with content you think is relevant.

When I say amplify, it’s in the way of promote or syndicate your content to different media properties or social media platform. That’s what I meant by amplify. I probably should have used the word promote or syndicate or publish.

Once you have all your content out there, you have to measure it and see if it’s actually producing results that are tied to the original business objective. There is no surefire way to do this, as it varies depending on what exactly you have accomplished and what you are trying to measure. This is no easy feat.

To read more on my interview and see all the dirty details check out the transcribed article here:


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Pam Didner

Posted on

August 28, 2013

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