Do you have a bucket list?  I do. My bucket list is cursed.  Nothing that I have had on my bucket list has ever been completed.  Something always manages to get between my bucket list and me. That “something” always appears to be legitimate, too! I took the kids to the DisneyWorld instead of going to the Galapagos. I visited families during the holidays instead of waltzing away at the New Year’s Eve Le Grand Bal in Vienna. I spent weekends doing tedious house chores instead of writing a book. Hey, those tasks were important. I convinced myself that my bucket list could wait. Then, nineteen years passed and I still hadn’t checked anything off of my bucket list. Sad! Last year, I decided to break the curse and do something about my bucket list. I decided to tackle my bucket list item number 1, write a book. As much as I wanted to write a novel, I instead went with a sparsely covered topic about which I have a lot of hard-earned experience to share. I noticed that there are books about content marketing and global marketing, but there was no book about global content marketing. I thought, “Why don’t I write a book about global content marketing?” With a rough outline, I submitted my book proposal to McGraw-Hill and Wiley. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my contact at Wiley was on maternity leave and I missed her by a week.  McGraw-Hill picked it up after reviewing my proposal. I will share the frustration of book proposal writing and the agonizing process of writing a book in later posts.  It involved a lot of drinking…………green tea. It’s incredibly challenging to be a coherent writer without alcohol in the mix. After countless late nights, I did submit my manuscript on time. I still remember the moment I hit “Send” at 12:39 am on April 20th. I was thinking: “ Wow, I was really working on my bucket list and something will get done for once.” Well, I am not totally done yet. The book is currently in the typesetting stage and I am in the process of reviewing proofs.  I am hoping the production stage will go smoothly and the book will be ready on 9/19.  Cross my fingers. So, what is this book about? I created a global content marketing process framework to give marketers strategies and knowledge needed to scale content globally. After finishing this book, readers will:

– Become a better synthesizer with the ability to make content marketing effective across regions. – Look at and question marketing strategies from a content marketing perspective. – Be able to identify key actions and strategies to apply to projects or roles. – Be a better marketer by identifying the dots that others won’t see and connecting them in new ways.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions about adapting your content across regions.

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