3 Important Questions to ask yourself if you are interested in blogging.

Passions, Skill and Talent: Find your sweet spot

Several friends reached out to me about their interest in launching their own websites and blogs. Rather than telling them “How” to do that, I usually ask them “Why” they want to do that. Do they want to do that because they are interested in building a consulting business of their own? Or do they just want a creative outlet? Or is this urge a sudden outburst of work-related frustration?

Ask yourself “Why”

I told my friends that launching a website is easy and writing the first three blogs is not hard, either. Then, what? What’s next? What do you want to do with your website and blog? These are questions that they need to ask themselves. It’s Ok if they don’t have answers initially.

Also, bear in mind that the answers are not absolute and change over-time. I used myself as an example. In 2011, I launched my own website, pdidner.wpengine.com, as a creative outlet. I wrote blogs about personal feelings and observations about life. I also wanted to share my marketing experience. Therefore, I toggled my blog between personal stories and marketing know-how for a while. As a creative outlet, that was fine. As a business, it created confusion for the readers. They didn’t know what to expect and what they should get out of it. Plus, I was not selling anything and there was no clear call-to-action. The website was probably more for me than anyone else.

When I left the corporate world, published my book and started my own business, my blog started to evolve as I focused on marketing. The call-to-action centers around showcasing my expertise and selling my book. My “why” has switched from a creative outlet to a business. The “why” also prompted 4 website re-design in less than 5 years. Once you start, there is a tendency to continually tweak and adjust.

Be honest with yourself on why you are doing it and be aware that your intentions may change over time.

Evaluate your passion, skills and talents

I admire my friend, Amy Troute. She is passionate about interior design and has an intuitive and classy sense of style. Her passion and talents are well-aligned, but her skills and credentials were in need of further development. So she worked hard to hone her skills by completing interior design school and taking on any projects she could get. After years of hustling and working from her home, she finally secured enough clients to open an interior design firm in downtown Portland. She perfected her skills to align with her passion and talent. She loves what she does and does what she loves!

content marketing business

I am passionate about coaching, teaching and sharing know-how. I have the nature ability of explaining marketing ideas and processes in a way that people can understand. Yet the ability to communicate clearly doesn’t come naturally to me. There is a high degree of frustration when I try to crystalize my ideas on a presentation and struggle on how to create a story that flows. I have to work very hard to hone the communication skills of writing, presenting and story-telling. I am trying to create my own sweet spot of talent, passion and skill.

It’s important to evaluate and access your passion, talent and skills. It may be easy to identify your passion and nature-born talent, but it takes time and effort to sharpen your skills. And there is no short cut.

There are other venues

I also told my friends that they may not need to launch their websites or blog to accomplish their goals. If they want to write, they can tap into Medium or even contribute articles to on-line publishing platforms such as Huffington Post and various blog and online forums. Or they can simply express themselves on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Nowadays, they can do podcasts, video recording on Blabs, Periscope etc. The venues to express or promote yourself are endless.

There is no straight line from point A to point B

I wanted to write a screen play, but I ended up writing a book. I wanted to do speaking and workshops, yet I ended up taking on various consulting projects. I had no intention of creating an online course, yet I have created some and continue to create more.

When you start at point A and aim to get to point B, along the way, you may end up taking the road less traveled and end up at point C, D or E.

My friends, if you start thinking about changes, something must be boiling inside of you. Embrace it. You don’t know what awaits you unless you walk the path.

Walk the path to find your sweet spot of passion, talent and skill.

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