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I like Apple’s new TV ad for iPad Air not just because it’s simple and elegant.  I like it for the ease with which it can be scaled to other countries and regions.

“This is probably Apple’s first iPad ad that targets business, even though it doesn’t feel like a BTB ad.”

It starts with the home setting, then gradually moves to business settings. This ad cleverly and subtly communicates user benefits for multiple verticals by mingling different backgrounds like enterprise, small business and classroom settings.  It’s a clear sign that Apple will discreetly go after the business segment.

Most of the backgrounds are very familiar to audiences in developed countries, but it’s interesting that it singles out a traditional Chinese classroom setting in this ad.

Check out this short Apple global ad video.  The current cut resonates well with developed country audiences; I hope that Apple will tailor some of the backgrounds for local and emerging markets.  I am looking forward to seeing several versions of this ad in other countries outside the US.


Also, check out this article from Chief Marketer: Apple’s secret to booming international sales



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Pam Didner

Posted on

October 28, 2013

Global Marketing Blog, Localization, Marketing Optimization