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I just completed a webinar on how to engineer a global content plan.  Once we add the word “Global” in front of “Content Plan”, it feels like extra weight is put on our shoulders.  Well, let’s break down a Global Content Plan into two elements: Global and Content Plan. 


During the webinar, I went ahead and explained the elements as part of a content plan.  Then, I added the key elements that make it Global.  Suddenly, it’s not so complicated.  Please check out this presentation.  Enjoy all the fun visuals.



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Pam Didner

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September 4, 2014

  • Hi Pam! Internation Content Marketing Strategies are something I’m very interested about. It’s not quite clear whether “global” means across organizations or your book is really oriented towards people interested in crafting international Content Marketing strategies. Maybe you can specify before I consider buying the book? 😀

    • Mael: Globalizing content means to have people, processes and tools in place. I touch on all three in my book using the 4 P’s of the Global Content Marketing framework. Check out the book! 🙂

      • Oh so the book isn’t actually about planning a Content Marketing Strategy on an international level, much more about internal prerequisites to put in place a “Content Culture”?

        Looking forward to reading the book anyway!

        • You are a right! It’s more a holistic view on how to scale content from planning to measurement across regions.